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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding - A Guide for Parents

At Rawlett, we believe that students’ social backgrounds should not limit their achievements at school. Their context should be a prescription to action, not an excuse for poor progress. Thus we have high expectations of our students, and all colleagues seek to raise students’ aspirations whenever they can.

All colleagues are relentless in their drive to support all students to achieve their very best and to destroy the gap between the achievements of different vulnerable groups and those from more privileged backgrounds. In spending the Pupil Premium, we hope to encourage ALL students, targeting money to where it is most needed.

Our Vision and Beliefs

  • We want all students to have excellent life chances, as this is a moral imperative as well as vital to maintain Britain as World class.

  • We aim to raise the aspirations of all, and to encourage all to make outstanding progress.  

  • In this time of austerity, providing value for money and evaluating the impact of all spending is crucial

  • We do not confuse eligibility for the pupil premium with low ability

  • Some students may be needy though not specifically covered by PP definitions and we have a moral duty to support these students too for equality of opportunity.

  • We must reduce students’ barriers to learning so must focus on attendance, behaviour, relationships with home and outside agencies, and encouraging greater independence and resilience.  

  • All students need to achieve basic literacy and numeracy levels to access the curriculum and to succeed in their professional lives.  

Monitoring Impact

  • All tutors and teachers know which pupils are eligible for pupil premium so that they can take responsibility for monitoring and accelerating their progress.  

  • The Pupil Premium Champion has been tasked to focus on these students and report to governors about their progress.

  • The Senior Leadership Team and Governors review this work and its impact on whole-school improvement.  

  • In addition, Senior Leaders oversee ‘crisis’ fund and the pastoral system ensures vulnerable students are monitored closely so we can respond quickly to address short-term crises in students’ lives to reduce their impact on learning and students’ futures.  

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/2018

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium