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We recognise the importance of high quality careers education to supporting our students to raise their aspirations of and give them the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of their lifelong learning journey.

My Student EventsMy Student Events is a website that has 100s of open days, 

tasters and skills events around the country.  Have a look

to see what's coming up near you.

Click Here to find out more

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Occupational/Job research


If you have an idea of what area of work you would like you can research what jobs are available in that occupational area.  The site will give you information on pay, working conditions, skills and qualities required for the job and most importantly what qualifications – A’Level subjects, Btec courses and if any further work experience is required.

The National Careers Service website provides careers advice and information on a wide range of jobs, training course resources and funding including labour market information.

Set up a Life Long Learning Account with all your details, search for job information and store searchers.  Set up a CV – this will be saved for life and can be edited any time. Need inspiration for your career?  icould includes 1000 films of personal career stories, across all occupations.  Information includes labour market information to give you an idea of how many males and females work in this area, the percentage of people employed in this job who work in the counties across the country, pay and much more.

Sixth form

        Local - Lfat Sixth form/King Edwards/Bishops Vesey/Polesworth School

        Sutton, Burton and NWHC College also offer A’levels

        Application deadlines are often in December - check individual website for information.


Research local colleges – Further Education – Vocational courses


   – Information on Tamworth, Lichfield, Cannock,  Rodbaston 

           Campuses – check website to see which campus the courses run at.


   – Sutton

   – Birmingham College

   – North Warwickshire & Hinckley College



Apprenticeship searches: - Register online and complete details, set up searches and get                   notified       of vacancies.

         Colleges also have their own apprenticeships department – contact direct

          Jaguarlandrover – engineering apprenticeships, deadline Dec/Jan  check website – apply online

         BMW – engineering apprenticeships – deadline December/January – check website – apply online 

         JTL - - We're a not-for-profit charity, offering advanced                      electrical apprenticeships, plumbing apprenticeships,engineering maintenance apprenticeships, and                  heating and ventilating apprenticeships. 
  Business & Technical Apprenticeships available. If you're looking to gain the            skills and qualifications to establish a career in the commercial world, then look no further than BT's                 business apprenticeships. BT is a world leader in the telecommunications industry and is the perfect place         to develop a technical career.

 College and Sixth form not for you?…Then try a training provider – there are two in Tamworth

        Equality training – Albert Road Children and Young people or Hair & Beauty Entry                 Level or Level 1 programmes with progression to Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships

        NACRO – Market Place If you’re aged 16–18 you can choose from: Building and                    construction, Business administration, Employment skills, English, Maths and IT,                   Hospitality and catering, Retail, Sport and leisure  Starting at a level 1 – for more                     information contact the provider direct



www.ucas - find out about courses available at universities, points required etc - Independent guide on universities  - official website for comparing universities - guide to up and coming university open days. - exchange programme for studying
abroad linked to university

Not sure about university and want time out to build some life skills:-


I would always recommend a back-up plan to ensure you have a place ready for September.  If you are applying to Sixth form I would also put an application into college.  If you are searching for an apprenticeship as they are not easy to come by I would definitely put a full time application into a college of your choice.  If you do not get offered a placement you can at least be gaining a qualification in that area and use that year to apply to apprenticeship vacancies equipped with a relevant qualification.

When it comes to result time you can make a decision which route is best for you as you kept your options open.  In September you have peace of mind knowing you have definitely got a place.

If you need any further help please contact Miss Ambrose

Beyond College & 6th form

Thinking of University

Use the national careers website to research what qualification would be best suited to your career choice. After all you don’t want to go to university for 3 years only to find your qualification is not going to help you get into the job you actually want.


Which? University - find the best university & degree course

The free & independent way to search & compare UK degree courses & universitiesfrom Which?

Which University And Course To Choose | UCAS

How to choose between similar courses and unis. - Compare the best University & degree courses for free - Degree course rankings,university reviews, degree course details, university profiles to help you decide 



Decided university is not for you…

  apprenticeships to debt-free education, there are           literally thousands of other opportunities out there. The Not Going to Uni team are              here to help you find apprenticeships, college courses or work experience to start                     building your future.

        Not Going to Uni – the one stop site for apprenticeships, gap years, distance               learning and jobs


        Taking a gap year, volunteering and work-experience opportunities in the UK 

        This is list is not exhaustive but will give you a start to looking into your chosen career             and local providers.  If you want to travel further there are loads more colleges and sixth         forms you can research yourself.



Good Luck – If you need any further help please see Miss Ambrose

        Want to work or study abroad…
  Also check the leonardo-projects (Links on website) a great way to travel and study at the same time
 – must be 18 and eligible to work in US – check website
 – must be 18 jobs available across Europe



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