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Calling all Parents!

As you know, if you have any issues about lessons and school, you can and should contact your child's teacher or your House Leader.  We are always here to help resolve issues. 
However, some children don't like their parents contacting school.  Sometimes, too, there are sensitive situations which you may want us to be aware of but aren't directly related to a child's learning or even your child.  Please note, we won't be able to resolve everything - particularly if it's FaceBook related - but we will do our best.  So we have launched a new email address where parents can contact the school. 

This email will come into Admin and they will take the information and forward it on to the appropriate department or colleague to deal with.  If parents want it to be confidential, then that's what it will be.  If not, they can give their name and we can follow it up and get back to them as they see appropriate.

This will mean that if parents have concerns about students either in or out of school, they can let us know.  It might be that the concern is not about their own child but about someone else's or a group of students.  Hopefully, in this way, we can help to resolve an issue or at least be aware of it without causing any problems. 

NOW...  We would also like to help you to help us and each other.  All of us as parents have had to cope with issues with our children/teenagers/young adults.  What we'd like is to share some of this expertise so that other parents going through similar difficulties can get some tips on how best to handle situations that may now be long gone for others.

We were trying to think of the best topic to start with.  There are so many....!  But, in a couple of weeks, we'd like to have put together some Top Tips/Hints for parents on the issue of


So, if you've had experience with your child going out and drinking, getting into trouble at home or with the police, have you got any ideas to share?  Have you any advice on how to get young people to make sensible and safe decisions?  Can you share what didn't and won't work, as well as what does!  If so, please do email your House Leader or the new email address.  
We won't be sharing any names.  We'd just like to get some ideas on how to help other parents together to share with everyone.  Above all, it would be great just to know that you're/we're not alone with these things.

And do remember, we're only a phone call away.  If you need some help, even if we can't sort it ourselves, we'll be able to point you in the direction of someone who can...


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