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Parents’ Forum      

Wednesday 23rd October 2013

New format explained by Mr Bassett:

Meetings will now take place on the same night as a Parents’ Evening. 

·         1 on 1 dialogue of ideas and suggestions about how to improve the school – parents of the year group attending the parents evening – 4 – 6pm

·         Group meeting for parents of students in any year group – 6 – 7pm


Mr Bassett posed the following question: What more can the school do to encourage attendance at the parents’ forum meetings – ways of breaking down barriers?


-       Students don’t want parents to get involved

-       PTA dates to go out on the newsletter

-       Information about what the forum is about put into the weekly newsletter – how is it different to the PTA

-       Provide refreshments – maybe cheese & wine

-       Suggestions email address on the website (example shared: from Bham city council; 3C’s (Complaints/commendation/comments!)

-       Advertise positive feedback more – in newsletter on the website

-       Signage for where the meetings will take place need to be at reception and out by the carpark



-       A parent of a current student reported that the school’s ‘communication with parents was outstanding’

-       School aims to respond to queries within 48 hours – experience of parents present was postive

-       Pleased about the opportunity that year 7 parents had to meet/speak/communicate with form tutors.  Suggestion to put in newsletter for parents to expect contact to be made from tutors


Red books explained

-       Targets are aspirational and are set at students being focussed on making 4 levels of progress – parents present felt this needs to be made clearer to parents

-       Overall monitoring/tracking is done by PLC’s – targets can be modified up but not down

-       Expected to be ongoing dialogue throughout the year around red books – brought to parents evening and will be used by subject teachers; also learning conversations between tutors and students


 Parents’ evenings

-       Letter to state that students should attend with their parents (limited space so discourage siblings)

-       What to expect in terms of organisation of the evening

-       Plan of where staff are

-       Which HL is present and where

-       Which PLC is present and where

-       Guidance – will the teacher talk to the child; to the parents or to both (is the child present to hear what is said – maybe reflect and make targets)

-       Some guidance on the sorts of questions parents should be asking


KS4 evening feedback

-       No time to make notes  - pointed out that the presentations are on the website

-       Needs to made clearer that it is not a 1 – 1 session with subject teachers but is information about courses  (is about helping parents to understand and support their children)


Uniform feedback

-       Pleased there is a jumper to wear under blazer (clear no to hoodies!)


Consider ‘You said this ............, We did this ........................!’  In the newsletter