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Attendance Overview for 2015-16

We will never stop focusing on Attendance at Rawlett.  After all, if students are not in lessons, how can they learn?  Last year, our top Year 11 students against their target grades had an average attendance of 98%.  So if your child is to achieve their potential, it's clear they must be in school.  Our Attendance Officer and House Leaders monitor attendance and punctuality regularly and work closely with families to support good attendance.  Last year's school attendance level was 95.7% (please see our Attendance Overview below for further details)

We also want them to learn the discipline that turning up every day and on time is what is expected of all of us.  Apart from this, students miss out on the social advantages that school brings if they do not attend regularly.

Please click here for our Attendance Overview for 2015-16

Some absences can not be avoided and we would ask that you speak to our Attendance Officer to record such absence ie illness, medical appointments or other special circumstances via text (01827 230042), phone (01827 54085) or via Insight.  This needs to be done for every day of the absence by 10am otherwise you will be contacted by our automated system.

Governors have agreed that all holidays taken during school time will be treated as an unauthorised absence.  Holidays have a huge impact on progress and even a one week affects continuity.  We urge all parents, but especially in KS4 parents to avoid all term-time holidays.