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Below is the list of services available to students through CONNECT:

Follow this link to see information on some activities and services for children and your people with a disability or additional need and their families.
 Advocacy Services
Students - gives a voice to young people, often in situations where legal or social service teams are involved
  Autism Outreach
Students and families with autism
Students in need of counselling
Students who have suffered loss
 Education Psychologist
Students with behavioural issues
Guidance for students at risk of NEET.  Careers advice for PP students
(early intervention)

Students at risk of exclusion through anger and behaviour issues
  Local Support Team
Families and students with specific issuess
 MAC Steering Group
Tamworth wide group to ensure best practice shared
Students showing signs of anxiety, low self-esteem, anger management
Domestic violence
Students subjected to to witness to domestic violence
Students displaying forms of anti-social behaviour
  St Giles
Students facing loss or having experienced loss
  School Nurse
Students wishing to seek advice through a drop in service or referrals can be made
  Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships
Students wanting advice on sexual or healthy relationships.  Staying safe
 Speech and Language Therapist
Students that may need support and guidance
Students at risk or involved with drugs or alcohol
 Vision Impairment Team
Students who are visually impaired and need support, strategies to help in school
  XLM Mentoring
Students need support - various reasons.  Organisation, guidance, homework support, family
 Young Carers
Students that care for family members at home
  Hearing Impairment
Students with hearing loss
  Homeless Education Officer
Student and family support for homeless issues
  Early Intervention Vulnerability Team
Students at risk of child sexual exploitation, risky behaviour