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2016/17 Exam Dates

Provisional Summer Exam Dates 2017 (see timetable below)
15th May - 22nd June 2017

Y11 Mock Exams - (timetable attached below)
Monday 28th November - 9th December 2016

Y10 Mock Exams
Monday 6th March - 17th March 2017

Y9 Exams
Tuesday 2nd May - Monday 6th May 2017

Y8 Exams
Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June 2017

Y7 Exams
Monday 26th June - Friday 30th June 2017

Date Subject
15-May Religion & Lif Life Issues
16-May French
16-May Biology Unit 1 
18-May Chemistry Unit 1 
19-May Theory of Physical ED. 
22-May Geog B: Sustain Dcsn Mkng Wrttn Fnd
22-May English Literature
22-May Geog B: Geogrphcl Key Thms Wrtn Fnd
23-May Leisure and Tourism Unit 1
24-May Physics Unit 1 
24-May Physics Unit 2 
25-May Maths P1
25-May Physics Unit 3
26-May English Literature Unit 2 
05-Jun Hist A: Stdy in Dev & Amrcn West Wrtn
05-Jun Economics Unit 11
06-Jun Geog B: Sustain Dcsn Mkng Wrttn Hgh
06-Jun English/English Language Unit 1
06-Jun Geog B: Geogrphcl Key Thms Wrtn Hgh
07-Jun Religion & Hum Human Experience
07-Jun German Unit 1 
07-Jun German Unit 2
08-Jun Maths P2
08-Jun Economics Unit 12
09-Jun Biology Unit 2
09-Jun Biology Unit 3 
12-Jun English/English Language Unit 2
12-Jun Health & Social Care P1
13-Jun Hospitality & Unit 2 Written Paper
13-Jun Maths P3
14-Jun Hist A: Hst Src Invst Pblc Hlth Wrtn
14-Jun Chemistry Unit 2 Tier F
15-Jun Chemistry Unit 3 Tier H
15-Jun Further Mathematics Paper 1
16-Jun D & T: Resistant Materials Tech Unit 1
19-Jun Film Studies  Paper 1
19-Jun Further Mathematics Paper 2
22-Jun Film Studies  Paper 2
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11 Nov 2016, 06:56